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Lolis Campero Transform Beliefs Coach

Hi I’m Lolis

Transform Beliefs Coach with Focus on Free Time to DO what you LOVE & Passive Income “Peace of Mind”.

After winning 3 scholarships, one international MBA in Europe and working for Top Companies such as Heineken, British American Tobacco, Whirlpool, Home Depot and Amazing Real Estate Developers. I decided to become an Entrepreneur and achieved +$1.2M but I was totally burnout, and my marriage crashed.

So the last 4 years I decided to grow from the inside out and focus on Transforming my Beliefs about Love, Freedom and Experiencing life to my fullest potential and actual ENJOY. I created a lifestyle with lot’s of free time, love and totally loving my purpose of serving the World. What is success if you really don’t have time to actually enjoy of this wonderful world?

I’m on a mission of helping people Elevate their Belief in themselves and Transform their Life with an Amazing Soul Aligned Business, that generates passive income and let’s them with Free time to enjoy amazing love relationships.

Love you Purpose ♡☆

Create a life you actually LOVE!

Money Mindset! Believe in you and become a Real Estate Investor is easier than you think

Purpose! Soul Aligned Business that generates Passive Income

You can enjoy more of life when you have peace of mind from passive income

I really love Joe Dispenza meditations, flowers, astrology and building my real estate as a Passive Income source in beautiful places with ocean, transformation belief coach, mindful digital marketing, soul aligned brand, beautiful instagram “Picasso style” moodboard, stocks investing, Airbnb SuperHost, Money Mindset, self development fan.

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Soul Aligned Coaching ♡☆ in Spain

Madrid + Costa del Sol

Sometimes you just need to “Recalculate” as a GPS.

Discover and connect with your inner magic.

There is only one you in the whole world.

If you have a dream is your destiny to make it a reaality.

UpLevel Your Beliefs in You, Your Dreams and Build OUTSTANDING Relationships

It all starts from Believing. Join us for our great experience at beautiful Alicante, Spain where we will talk with one of the TOP Love Coaches from Spain and enjoy the city party in June:

Alicante in June 22, 2023



Believe in You, Believe in what You want and Make it Happen!


In Person and Online Coaching

Madrid, Spain: Alfonso XII, 30 Floor 2, 28014

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